Spring 2019 is Underway!

Welcome to the relaunch of the Visible Futures blog. For those somehow just stumbling upon this I’m Dr. Remy Cross, Associate Professor of Sociology and Criminology at Webster University.

My main areas of research are the social effects of technology, causes of radicalization and violent extremism, transnational crime and social movements more generally. I also have teaching interests in a variety of other subjects including multiple research methodologies.

This semester I’ll be teaching the following classes:

SOCI 2175 Social Movements (MWF 11-11:50)

SOCI 4300 Radical Violent Extremism (MWF 10-10:50)


SOCI 2650 Games, Technology and Society (TuTh 12-1:20)

I’ll probably post updates about each of these over the course of the semester. In particular my plan is to use some new (to me) teaching techniques for both SOCI 2175 and SOCI 2650 including putting content up on Youtube for the classes, and holding a ‘virtual office hour’ once a week via Youtube streaming.

Will this work? I have no idea. Follow along if you want to find out.